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Hey guys, how is everybody doing? I’m back! And hopefully back to a regular update schedule. πŸ™‚

So here is how I’m going to do the chapters leading up to the heir vote. There will be four short-medium chapters, one for each Generation 2 kid. They will have little cliffhangers so that you can choose which storyline you think would be the most interesting when you vote. The other siblings will be involved with the winner’s storyline, but of course the winner will be the main focus. I already have some cool storylines planned out that I hope you guys will find interesting. You already know the drama with Stasia. πŸ˜‰

Blythe’s chapter will hopefully be out sometime this week, if not, it will be this weekend.

College football is officially starting back this weekend! I’m so excited. πŸ™‚ How are y’all? Is anybody still on summer break? I just went back to school. 😦

xoxo elizabeth ❀

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Chapter 1.16: Anastasia

Stasia’s Point Of View (Age 16)

My day starts at 5:30 AM with some pull-ups. I take a shower, eat a quick breakfast, and get dressed for my early morning practice before school. Then I pack my practice bag and my backpack and I am out the door. I don’t even bother with makeup, I would sweat it all off at practice anyway.

Right after school, I get home and do my homework. Not a minute later than 4:45 I’m expected to be in the gym and ready to go. I’m always early.

After I get home from my evening practice, I practice all of my skills on the trampoline and eat a high protein dinner. Then I take another shower. By then, my muscles are killing me and I feel as if I could collapse at any moment, so I go to bed.

But that one day was different. That day changed everything.

I woke up extremely early that day. It was a Monday. I worked out for at least an hour, feeling nervous about the weigh-ins we were having at gymnastics that day. I was scared I had gained a few pounds in the month since my last weigh-in, which would not go over well with my coaches. They wanted us to be firm and strong, in every part of our bodies.Β Β Nothing less would do. To add to that, Natasha, my coach, told me to be at the gym early because we needed to have a conversation. I hoped she wasn’t kicking me off the team. I thought I had been doing well, and gymnastics was my whole life. I could go to the Olympics! I just prayed she wasn’t going to kick me off.

I got ready for the day, and for one last adrenaline rush, did a few pull-ups. It was still dark out.

As I started the long drive to the gym, I tried to go over a list of what I could possibly have done wrong to merit a conference with Natasha. I couldn’t think of anything! Of course I kept this opinion to myself, but I thought I was one of the better gymnasts on our team. I was already on an Elite level and I had just turned 16. I almost always placed first in my individual vault, beam, and uneven bars portions in competitions. I wasn’t ever late, I didn’t act out or pop my mouth off to the coaches like some other girls did. I kept quiet, did what I was told, work hard, and won. So what could this meeting be about?!

*30 Minutes Later*

I entered Natasha’s office to find her sitting there and staring at me. That unnerving glare made me shake and sweat even more. “Good morning.” I said shakily.

“Hello Anastasia. Sit.” She said in her clipped Russian accent, pronouncing my name in that proper way. “Ahna-stah-siah”.

I sat down immediately on the couch. I rubbed my slick palms over my thighs, which had goosebumps on them.

“You have gained weight.” Natasha said bluntly.

My face heated up. I knew it! I knew I hadn’t been working out enough.

“I’ll work even harder and lose the weight. It’s unacceptable. I’m sorry.” I stammered, trying to avoid her piercing stare.

“Hm. I called you in for a meeting because we need to discuss your future. You know that you are the best athlete on the team, and in the whole gym, the region, and possibly even the country. You’ve won national titles before. And I know what you want. You want to be an Olympian.” Natasha said.

“That’s what I’m hoping for.” I replied, hoping to sound confident, even though I was still nervous. Where was she going with this?

“We won Nationals this year, and we are going to Sunset Valley for Worlds in six months. If you don’t think that your individual performance there influences your chances of ever becoming an Olympian, then you are not as smart as I think you are.” Natasha’s words cut through the air like butter.

Of course I knew that. I basically depended on Worlds for my future as a gymnast.

“Of course.” I said, leaning forward on the couch.

“Allow me to ask you something. How important is gymnastics to you?”

“It’s everything to me!” I exclaimed. “I train every day! I am in this gym for longer than I’m at school sometimes! I don’t have any friends, I’ve never had a boyfriend, I haven’t been to the movies in about two years! I have sacrificed everything to be a gymnast.” I exclaimed. I couldn’t believe this! How could she not know how important my sport was to me?

“The fire is there. I can see it in your eyes. But we can not always rely on fire alone. Sometimes we have to add something to make it burn longer and brighter.”

“I don’t know what you mean…” Now I was seriously confused.

“Does this explain it?” Natasha placed a bottle of pills on the table. No… she didn’t expect me to use-


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Chapter 1.15: Talent

As Anastasia excelled in gymnastics, her parents took notice of her remarkable talent. So when their oldest daughter came to Wesley and Savannah to ask for even more training, how could they say no? They decided to enroll her for lessons every day after school.

Unfortunately, Blythe didn’t share her sister’s talent.

Anastasia tried to teach her little sister a few tricks, but the results were not pretty. So Blythe decided that gymnastics wasn’t for her and that she needed to find her own passion.

Blythe was a great little actress, which she found out when she joined the drama club at school. She got the lead as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, and Wesley and Savannah were once again in awe of their children’s many talents. They decided to sign Blythe up for professional acting lessons, which she loved. They were her favorite part of the day.

Collin had reached the age of eight already, and was showing a strong interest in something a little unusual- magic. He had fallen in love with it when a professional magician performed at one of his friend’s birthday parties. He begged his parents for magic kits, and he became fairly good at the tricks he’d learned, even making a few up himself. He would perform for his family after dinner sometimes, and his parents always encouraged him. Knowing that their son’s talent was unusual, they loved seeing him do so well and enjoy it so much.

And of course there was little Dawson. She was a mellow toddler; she loved snuggling with her mom…..

Reading picture books…..

And playing music with her dad.

Dawson soon grew out of her diaper days and became a child. Even at her age, she knew she didn’t look like her siblings and she was very self-concious, especially about her weight. While her siblings were doing their own things and excelling at their talents, the youngest of the Westbrook’s felt left out.

Her parents put her on a soccer team- she hated it.

They put her on a track team- she couldn’t clear a single hurdle.

Down the list of possible activities and talents they went, but nothing stood out. Dawson felt even more excluded. She didn’t even have a talent. Wesley and Savannah tried desperately to boost her confidence and find something that she liked, but they were drawing a blank.

That is, until they brought home a state-of-the-art karaoke machine and let Dawson play with it all afternoon.

And that’s how little Dawson Westbrook found her talent. A talent nobody, especially not herself, thought she even had.

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Hey everyone, hope you’re all enjoying your summers! Where I live it’s extremely hot but I’ve still had an awesome summer. I really hoped to get more updates out, but my friend is leaving for another state soon and I’ve basically been spending all of my time with her.

I’m going out of town tomorrow and I won’t be back to reality for three weeks. My classes start right around then, so I’ll be a little crunched for time, but I’m aiming to crank out at least one chapter per week. I’ll really, really,Β really try. πŸ™‚

Thank you all very much for being so patient and sweet and for continuing to like and comment πŸ™‚ Hope y’all have a great rest of the summer!

xoxo elizabeth

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Chapter 1.14: Finally Complete

Collin seemed to be growing up just as fast as his older sisters- which was too fast for their parents! Collin was three, Blythe was five and a half, and Stasia was nearly seven.

And Savannah was pregnant for the fourth and what she vowed was the final time. She had been writing some more, and her career was going well. As for Wesley, he had been in yet another summer blockbuster, causing another big wave of press for the family. There were rumors of course, but the Westbrook name was mostly associated with good press- something to strive for in Starlight Shores.

The kids were thrilled that they were going to be having a little brother or sister, which relieved their parents. They were worried that they might not have wanted another sibling, but they were very happy.

Anastasia was turning into a pretty little lady- raven hair, light brown eyes, and tan skin.

On Stasia’s first day of second grade, Savannah cried when she watched her daughter get on the bus, as she done the year before, and would most likely do when the rest of her kids started school. Maybe it was the pregnancy hormones, but more likely it was the fact that her daughter was getting older. She wanted to keep her kids safe little babies forever!

But Stasia had already found her talent- gymnastics. She had begged Savannah and Wesley to sign her up for classes. They finally did, and soon discovered that the little girl was a natural. They even bought a trampoline so Stasia could practice in her spare time.

After she had finished her homework, she would just spend hours on the trampoline, practicing what she had learned that day in her lessons. It worried her mother to see her little seven year old doing intricate flips on the trampoline, but she trusted that Stasia knew what she was doing.

Collin was a mama’s boy. He loved Savannah, and hardly ever left her side.

Early in Savannah’s pregnancy, they took strolls around the neighborhood every morning. However, towards the third trimester, Savannah’s feet hurt too bad to walk very far.

Collin loved the cool morning air and just spending time with his mother.

Of course, Collin loved his daddy too. Even a a young age, Wesley could tell that his son was a lot like him. He was growing up to be a little daredevil, just like his father!

Savannah went into labor late one night, and Wesley floored it all the way to the hospital. Even though this was Savannah’s fourth time to have a child, they were both extremely nervous!

The smoothest birth of them all, Dawson Renee came into the world happy and healthy. Mother and baby were released after about six hours, and the Westbrooks were ready for life as a completed family.

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Chapter 1.13: Third Time’s The Charm


One And A Half Years Later

Blythe was a toddler before her parents knew it. She liked to play, but also enjoyed being by herself. Savannah worried about her not being very social, but the pediatrician said it was most likely just a phase. Her mother took extra care to spend a lot of time with Blythe when Savannah wasn’t at the studio.

Blythe was practically a clone of her mother!

Wesley spent time with Blythe and taught her some skills, but she really just liked to be alone and play with her toys by herself. It confused her parents as to why Blythe was such a loner when her older sister was so bubbly.

They would try to get the girls to play together as much as possible so that maybe Stasia’s social skills would rub off on Blythe. Stasia enjoyed playing with her sister, but Blythe preferred to play by herself. She was a happy kid, but she would rather be by herself than with others. Blythe was a loner, that was just her personality.

Stasia, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. She loved to spend time with her parents- and with Blythe, when she would cooperate.

Stasia was just like her dad- she loved to have fun and get a thrill. She reminded Wesley of himself when he was a kid.

But she loved her mom too, of course, and had inherited some of Savannah’s personality- her determination, to name one thing. Even with little things, like when Stasia learned to walk, talk, and read, she never gave up. Just like her mother, she didn’t give up easily, even as a three year old.

As her little girls were growing up, Savannah discovered that she was pregnant for the third time. She, Wesley, and the girls were extremely excited for a new little boy or girl to be added to the family.


Eight And a Half Months Later

Collin Reed was born 2 weeks premature, but three days after his birth, mother and baby were cleared as healthy enough to go home. Things were getting even more exciting for the Westbrook clan!

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Reese De La Cruz- And Then It Rained Casting Call

This is the CC-free Sim I created for Jax’s And Then It Rained Casting Call! I made two pictures and a backstory and I uploaded her on the Exchange (link below).

Reese De La Cruz is twenty-two, but with her rap sheet, you would guess her to be much older. The Half Mexican, Half African American beauty might look like just a pretty face, but she is much more complicated than that. After being taken away from her drug addict mother at a young age, Reese lived with the state for the majority of her life, which helped in making her the rough girl she is today. She fell into the wrong crowd in high school, and got busted for drugs in her sophomore year. After a few more drug-related run-ins with the law, Reese decided she would go clean. But in her senior year, she met an older boy from outside of school and fell in love with him. She agreed to drop out of school in the middle of the year, and moved in with him. She discovered that the boy was a pimp that wanted to exploit her. Blinded by her feelings for him, Reese went along with the boy’s demands and became a prostitute. She lived with him for four years. After a huge fight, Reese left him in the dead of the night and escaped to Bridgeport. What trouble will find her in the city?

Download Reese here!

So Jax, I hope you pick Reese! Thanks for reading!

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